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    Mitsubishi NanoBenefit 3G Series Silver Nano Ink and Silver Nano Inkjet Media can be used to produce printed circuits utilising standard inkjet printers and refillable inkjet cartridges the Ink cost is around $200 per a bottle (100 ml), a printer is about $80, and empty cartridges are $10. A bottle of the ink may cover over than 10 m2.

    A technique to print ink-based electrical circuitry using a desktop printer.
    Mitsubishis Diamond Jet Silver Nano particle ink can be printed onto specially treated media to produce patterns with conductivity in seconds without heat or flash exposure sintering. With this simple method, itís possible to create electro-conductive patterns and use them in a fraction of the time taken using traditional prototyping techniques.
    Available in three different substrates, the self-sintering Mitsubishi special inkjet media utilizes an adhesion layer to ensure pattern integrity, a micro-porous, solvent-absorbing layer for flexibility, image quality and instant dry benefits. The proprietary chemical sintering agents produce instant electrical conductivity and the resultant patterns look like gold foil stamping.

    The resulting printed circuits can be attached to electrical designs and components using conductive double-sided tape or silver epoxy adhesive. Some researchers have demonstrated the quality of their printed circuit by attaching a capacitive ribbon containing their inkjet-printed circuits to a glass. After connecting the contoured circuitry to a microcontroller, they were able to measure the liquid contents of the glass.

    A paper detailing a low cost technique to produce paper printed circuits was published by researchers at Georgia Tech; available via a link in our downloads section
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