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    Dust and mist created by drilling, milling and other activities may release chemicals and residue from the materials and tools that could cause adverse health effects.

    Potential Health Hazards
    SKIN: Dust may cause moderate skin irritation.
    EYES: Dust may cause moderate eye irritation. Fumes may irritate eyes.
    INHALATION: Fibrous glass dust may be released from the fiberglass cloth substrate when machined.

    Reduce The Risk
    Risk from these exposures varies depending on how often this type of work is performed and the amount of individual exposure. To reduce the amount of exposure to harmful chemicals and materials:

    • Work in a well ventilated area
    • Avoid breathing in dust or mist
    • Use approved methods of dust and mist control
    • Avoid prolonged skin contact with dust or mist
    • Consult the power tool manual for proper use of the power tool and safety equipment requirements.
    • Use approved safety and protective equipment: Gloves, shields, dust masks, protective clothing, tool guards, etc.