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    Thumbnail Understanding The Drilling Process
    The purpose of through-hole drilling printed circuit boards is twofold:
    (1) to produce an opening through the board that will permit a subsequent process to form an electrical connection
    between to...
    Lester 1,780 1 17th November 2013, 03:30
    Thumbnail Technique to print ink-based electrical circuitry using a desktop printer
    The fabrication techniques are explained in a paper published by the researchers, and all of the supplies are off-the-shelf.
    Lester 0 0 12th November 2013, 05:30
    Thumbnail Creepage and Clearance
    Creepage Distance. Creepage is the shortest path between two conductive parts (or between a conductive part and the bounding surface of the equipment) measured along the surface of the insulati...
    Lester 2,374 1 7th November 2013, 04:49
    Thumbnail Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Laminates ... but Were Afraid to Ask
    The title says it all !

    Although this book is entitled “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Laminates, But Were Afraid to Ask,” the real subject matter is Printed Circuit Boards, the material...
    Lester 3,649 1 7th November 2013, 04:36

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