LPKF62 Installation Instructions

The LPKF ProtoMat® S62 is a state-of-the-art circuit board plotter.
This compact high-speed plotter provides precision and performance for quickly and easily milling and drilling circuit board prototypes in a single day.

Precision and speed
The ProtoMat S62 delivers precision with system resolution as fine as 0.01 mils (0.25 µm). Each system is carefully calibrated at the factory for unsurpassed overall accuracy. As a result, the plotter can mill and drill all types of PCBs with extremely fine traces, including multilayer, RF and microwave boards. Its milling head travel speed of 6" (150 mm) per second and high-performance 62,000 RPM spindle motor makes it a premiere high-speed performer for producing quality in-house PCBs.

Like any other precision tool, if the LPKF62 is not operated and maintained correctly, the results can be disastrous!


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