BoardMaster 5

LPKF's BoardMaster software combines a user-friendly interface with precision process control. The software accepts milling and drilling data created by CircuitCAM, as well as HPGL™ files from various design software packages.
User-friendly operating interface

BoardMaster's WYSIWYG interface shows all milling and drilling data as well as the size of the base material. Simple mouseclicks rotate and move layouts, as well as creating step-and-repeat copies of layouts on the workpiece. BoardMaster constantly displays process status.
Intelligent tool management

LPKF BoardMaster controls all tool parameters, such as feed rate and tool RPM. BoardMaster monitors bit life and prompts for a tool change at appropriate times. Tool changes are kept at a minimum by BoardMaster's optimizing monitoring process.

Technical data for LPKF BoardMaster
Import formats LPKF-Mill-Drill (*.LMD), HP-GL™
Control All ProtoMat® plotters and LPKF 101 LC, LPKF LC/VS, LPKF HI-P, LPKF AutoMill, LPKF 91, LPKF 91s and LPKF 92s
Display function WYSIWYG display of machining data, zoom in/out/working area/projects, previous view, all viewing methods available at all times, even during the machining process
Placement functions Copy, move, step and repeat, handles multiple artworks and placements simultaneously
Selection methods Total production phase, specific tools, individual drill holes/lines/segments, selection from/up to a specific hole/line segment
Tool management RPM and head down time, registering and saving actual tool life, initiating the tool change procedure if tool lifetime is exceeded
Tool library Unlimited, individual library for different material types, individual customizable parameters
Programming material size Positioning with corner coordinates, with the mouse, coordinates input via keyboard, option of saving frequently used material sizes

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